Bytesize #18

Fun facts:

The iPod celebrated its 10th birthday this week. Amazing how time flies.  

Did you know that you can now nominate 3 to 5 trusted facebook friends to help you out in the event you have any issues accessing your account?

Cool stuff:

Came across a really cool concept developed by some students at Miami Ad School. Adventurous travellers specify the exact type of weather they want on a holiday and what their maximum budget is. The app then scans a global weather database to match the requirements and you’ll end up flying to a destination due to have the weather of your dreams!

Another really cool concept has come from our favourite local airline.

Did you attend the RWC Semi-final’s or Final? If so, find and tag yourself in this 20 billion pixel panoramic photo! VERY cool.

Using credit cards to target web ads?! What?! Visa and MasterCard  are using what they know about people’s credit-card purchases for online ad targeting. Cool or creepy? You decide. In my opinion, the more relevant ads are to me, the better. Saves my time and typically results in targeted offers.


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