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So the year is in full force, there is no doubt about that. There were a few areas of interest which we thought would be important to monitor this year, we even blogged about it.

But before we jump in, the IAB NZ came out with their annual report for 2011. As only the full report is only available to members, we thought we would share the top stats from the report:

  • Total online advertising spend in New Zealand for 2011 was $328.11m up from $257.46m in 2010. Total year-on-year growth was 24.16% or $70.65m.
  • Display up from $80.65m to $98.56m
  • Search up from $93m to $135.3m
  • 10/11 saw the largest growth in search & directories spend since 07/08 and now represents 41% of all digital spend
  • For the first time mobile spend has been included – total mobile ad spend for 2011 was $632,000

Back to the areas of interest, the first one was the social space. To kick it off – here are 100 social media stats for 2012. But let’s get down to developments, as there have been a couple of large developments already.

There is no doubt Facebook have changed the way brands advertise – they’ve seen great results from ‘page post ads’ and this will be the foundation of premium advertising going forward. Essentially, any advertisement related to a brand has the ability to drive organic reach and engagement. Check out the changes here.

This is an interesting shift, but the question which we have all been asking is what about mobile monetisation? According to stats 50% of the Facebook users access the social network via mobile. So it will be no surprise that Facebook will be taking advantage of this, by integrating ads into news feeds. This will then help in monetising the mobile platform, but how do you prepare your business for this? Well, start by reading the article ‘How And Why To Prepare Your Business For Facebook Mobile Ads’.

So on mobile, its common knowledge that mobile will exceed desktop computers – but did you ever consider that they will exceed the world’s population this year? It is true, Cisco has bought out their report ‘Visual Networking Index (VNI) Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update’ – and this article provides the stats which will leave you in awe.

Another due to the growth in the mobile market, one item which is going to take off exponentially is hyper-local, it is already active in New Zealand (with a number of brands). With major clients looking at developing a succinct strategy around hyper-local marketing, via mobile, it will be important that they consider mobile SEO. There are 3 simple points, which need to be remembered and will be important in executing a successful mobile strategy.

Lastly, I know this post was socially focused, so if you don’t like social media maybe you don’t know about the top things to love about it. Check them out here.


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